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What is Positive Force Gate Closing System?


Positive Force Gate Closing System provides a reliable closing pressure from start to finish. Its innovatice design is ideal for retrofitting or new construction, on wrought iron, round tube, or chain link gates.


Positive Force Gate Closing System is designed to use a U.L. approved overhead concealed door closer. The closer is placed inside our patented metal housings which is welded to the top of the hinge post. Another housing is welded to the top of the gate, which holds an adjustable arm that attaches the gate and fence together. The bottom of the gate is secured by a housing that holds a pivot bearing and attaches to the fence post. The gate is controlled without hinges or springs, allowing the gate to open and close with a controlled pressure from 5 to 15 pounds, depending on which closer is utilized.


By maintaining constant pressure it allows improved latching ability and lessens noise complaints from slamming gates. It also improves the longevity of the lock hardware with its slow and smooth closing.


The gate can also open in both directions if not being used as a swimming pool or security gate, thus making it ideal for use on gates for side yards, backyards and various other applications.


The gate is limited to about 105 degrees opening distance. It is recommended that a physical stop be installed to restrict how far the gate can open; failure to adhere to this could result in the need of replacing the adjustable arm.